All activities of the Production Facility , M/s Hasan Tanvir Fashion Wears Limited are housed in a recently well-built 7-Storey Building consisting of about 110,000 sq ft environment-friendly area. It’s a multi-storey non-sharing establishment belongs to solitary owner, A.M.Zakir Hossain, Managing Director. The Factory is located just by the side of high-way about 40 minutes drive from Air-port and 50 minutes from 5-Star hotel, Radission.

Our Especial

Especial as well as exclusive feature of N & I Group is the ability to execute orders in pace and with uncompromising quality standard & uphold and maintain high standard as a part of its corporate philosophy.

Focal point of Management of N & I Group

N & I Group shows due concern to the society, community as well as country’s welfare.

We are therefore committed and, fully subscribe to manufacturing quality garment through strict adherence to the following internationally accepted standards for implementation of ethical and social practices in our production facility :—–

  1. We are emphasizes on synergistic relationship building in the organization in general and among the workforce inn particular, which Is a key to transform an organization into an effective one.

  2. Our factories does not fix up unachievable target for the workforce which robs their pride of performance of workmanship.

  3. Our factories does not reward workers on the basis of Management By Objective ( MBO ) which de-motivates other good workers.

  4. We are not only maintains the payroll system but also makes full payments of all financial benefits.

  5. We are strongly committed to creating congenial work environment by providing Health & Safety Work Areas and Harassment Free Work Zone.

  6. Our mark of distinction does never &ever base on discriminatory viz race, ethnicity, national origin, gender etc, ours is based on employee’s n work-skill & ability.

  7. We are fully subscribes to formation of Workers’ Participation Committee ( WPC) with a view to improving relationship between Employees & Management as well as work environment .

  8. We show great concern to financial, physical, mental as well as religious condition of employees and, taking care for continuous improvement.



Quality Management System (QMS )

Quality Management System (QMS) is defined as and when the Quality System is functional & established throughout the organization for maintaining quality control activities & high standard of product quality. The difference between Hasan Tanvir Fashion Wears Ltd. and others who do not have the QMS established to control all activities concerning quality of product is like a boat without rudder. As a part of our corporate philosophy we always uphold high standard .We have a skilled, efficient and highly professional Quality Control (QC) team. The QC members are responsible monitoring, supervising and improving the quality of product .

Supported by a team of 85 QC personnel and a workforce of more than 2000 skilled people Hasan Tanvir has built up a cozy & specious area of about 110000 sq.ft. It can annually produce and export of about 4.5 million pcs of ready made garments. The whole bulk of HTFWL management staff is highly qualified having direct exposures to modern business practices. HTF always prioritizes the quality over anything and everything else.

Workplace Environment

Our factories enjoy a very congenial & friendly work-environment being located in a piece of 3.5 acres land surrounded by 10ft brick-wall under recently grown up shade trees. Employees also enjoy time in work-place because of friendly behavior of mid-level management .

We are customers’ compliant factory and fully able to comply with code of conduct ( COC ) or standards of any customer.

Incentive & facilities

  1. Attendance Bonus.
  2. Festival Bonus on two Eid occasions viz Eidul Fitre & Eidul Azha.
  3. Group-wise Efficiency Bonus
  4. Maternity Benefit
  5. Medical Benefit
  6. Child- care Benefit
  7. Over-time work Benefit, if any.
  8. Group Insurance

Annual & Earn Leave, Sick, Casual & Maternity Leave, Festival leave etc with salary.

Compliance & Hrd

N & I Group., a Production Facility comprising of about 110,0000 sqft area is fully compliant to following customers’ Code Of Conducts (COC) : – – –

  • Compliant to Europe based customers by virtue of BSCI audit & its valid certificate
  • Compliant to Sedex by virtue of audit conducted by appointed 3rd party audit team & valid certificate accorded to Hasan Tanvir Fashion Wears Ltd.
  • Compliant to WRAP by virtue of their audit & valid certificate.

Hasan Tanvir Fashion Wears Ltd is capable and always ready to face audit of any apparels’ customer or organization for any standard across the world.